The following quotes are candid emails and notes received from clients, their friends and family. It is the delight of my clients that gives my work meaning.

“The finest wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Enthralling! Emotional. Gripping. Hilarious. Breathtaking. Captivating, ingenious photography. Ingenious. The play of light in the armory on Angel Island – wow! Who is she, your photographer? Had you used her before? And the way she cast the slide show to more than perfect music – if it was available on Amazon, they’d sell a kazillion of the whole package – music and pics. Thank you for sharing. I was 10,000 miles away – but this made it seem like I was (almost) there.” — friend of Orlee and Dave, bride and groom

“Larissa – “I LOVE LOVE them! Everyone says that you are fantastic! How many times a day do you hear how amazing you are at what you do? Whatever it is, it isn’t enough. You have an eye for things, and that is an intangible quality! — Monica, Bride

Absolutely the best wedding photo’s I have ever seen…..! like experiencing it all over again, thank you” — Wedding guest

“Oh my gosh….we love them!! They are SO great!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Honestly, we can’t thank you enough for doing such an incredible job capturing our special day! We obviously think your work is beyond amazing, but have also really enjoyed working with you!” — Deb and Damien, Bride and groom

Bride to Future Clients:
“Larissa was FABULOUS to work with! I tell everyone I was IN LOVE with my wedding photographer – Larissa works magic!!!
Long story short…We had several great photographers from which to choose. My husband and I ultimately decided to review and rate them based on A. their portfolios and B. their personalities. We did so on a points basis and combined scores…Larissa won – and I will never regret it! I generally don’t like being photographed – She is relaxed and made me relax. Her attention to detail is OVER the TOP. She is incredibly creative and sensitive, capturing that something special in your day perfectly (I think there is A LOT to be said for her fine arts background as opposed to being just a wedding photographer.) She was fun to be with (other than your husband – you will be spending a lot of time with your photographer.) She was also really great at “disappearing” which allows for your guests to forget theres a photographer there – the end result being some emotionally charged candids and portraits of loved ones.
I hope you do chose to Larissa– she will capture the day beautifully and when everything is said and done, a lot of that day becomes a blur…your memories become those photos…Every time I look at our images I well up with emotion and can’t believe how beautiful I looked or how wonderful the day was!” — Kim, Bride

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